Style Me Peachy is a personal shopping and styling service providing affordable luxury to everyday people, the kind normally enjoyed by those with celebrity status or a high profile.  

Launched in 2011, Style Me Peachy is owned and operated by Bec Davis and Julia Stanley and is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Style Me Peachy evolved after countless requests from friends and family to help select outfits both for special occasions and everyday 


We discovered that independant advice on exactly where to find the right clothes, was a service that was really missing in Perth. Our advice is purely personal and we have no association with any particular boutiques, therefore providing you with totally unbiased style recommendations.

“We noticed a real need for a service that helps people build and manage their wardrobes, select clothes that are stylish and affordable and that make them feel good”.

With this in mind Style Me Peachy was developed.

It takes courage to ask for assistance with dressing or styling. We’re not in the business of trying to turn you into someone you’re not, or to make you feel uncomfortable in clothes that don’t reflect you or your lifestyle.

We do however understand that life these days is extremely busy - people simply cannot find time to shop, or to organise their wardrobe.  

We help you look fabulous and stylish, while still looking ‘yourself’.

We’ve learnt that most people have limited time and energy to shop for themselves, or lack confidence and/or knowledge of what to buy and where to buy it. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours trawling malls and online sites, only to come away empty handed or with something you may never wear. We will guide you into making suitable purchases, ensuring you don't waste your time or money.

We charge $60 per hour and all services (except gift purchasing) has a minimum 2 hour booking.

Gift vouchers are available.